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Equinox Interiors - Handmade Furniture Shoji Classes

I love working on large-scale projects, creating installations that fill a room, often defining the mood of a space. They challenge me to broaden my conception of how we interact with wood, steel and rock and offer me the opportunity to work with a community of professionals; architects, engineers, designers and contractors.

Recent installations:

2009 - Designed, Engineered and Constructed the 28 foot-long liquor and sushi bar at Kubo Lounge in downtown Peterborough. (Materials: Walnut, Japanese Paper, & Stainless Steel)

2008 - Engineered and Constructed the Donor Wall for The Stop’s Green Barn, a multi-faceted community centre built on the previous site of the historic TTC Streetcar barns at Wychwood and St. Clair. (Materials: Cedar, Ash, Mohagany, Walnut and Stainless Steel)

2007 - Designed, Constructed and Installed two sliding shoji doors at the renowned Stephen Bulger Gallery on Queen St in Toronto, ON. The gallery needing a visual and physical barrier between the viewing and working areas. The doors can be slid open or closed. (The Materials: Solid Black Cherry and Hand Made Japanese Paper)

Equinox Interiors - Handmade Furniture Shoji Classes