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Equinox Interiors - Handmade Furniture Shoji Classes

I make each and every piece of furniture one at a time. I take time to meet with every client in effort to meet their every need. It’s my priority that every detail – no matter how tiny or how grand – turns out just right.

Commissioning custom furniture is different from buying furniture from a store. It’s more thoughtful. More purpose-driven. Function is very important, as is style, quality and character. I do everything I can to make sure you’re enthralled with the finished piece. And I stand behind that finished piece for life.

Have a look through my portfolio of work. You will find custom made furniture in a variety of styles. You may want a variation of one of the pieces you see here, or long for something completely original. Either way, I invite you to dream a little, and call me for a consultation.

Rob Brown
Founder, Designer and Craftsman

Equinox Interiors - Handmade Furniture Shoji Classes